Our Mission

Our mission at Audio In Media is to provide great value to all creators with high quality Royalty-free music at an affordable price for all of their multimedia projects.” - Audio In Media


Audio In Media creates high quality Royalty-free instrumental music tracks for your multi-media projects. 

One low price gets you all of the edited versions as a package.

You will see that we have created multiple versions of our music tracks. 

A full version 

A loopable version 

1 Minute edit 

30 Second edit 

15 Second edit 

5-7 Second edit 

(Music edit times are approximate depending on the tempo) 

In addition, we provide both .wav and .mp3 formats for your convenience. 


Audio In Media makes Royalty-free music for creators.

Once the music is purchased you can use this music for any video projects and monetize them. 

- What is Royalty-free Music? 

Royalty-free does not mean non-copyright, and it is not free. 

Audio In Media retains all copyrights on all music on this website. 

Royalty-free music is a type of licensing in which a piece of music is purchased only once and used for as long as you wish. 

That is to say, the user doesn't have to pay a royalty (a fee) every time they use the music. 

Music from Audio In Media can be used to support your video content on all Social Media Platforms.

(ie. Youtube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter …) 

However - You can NOT claim the music as your own.

- You can NOT sell the music anywhere.


Free Music Fridays 

Music posted on Free Music Fridays is free to use to support your video content. 

This is our gift to you for supporting us. 

All we ask is that you provide your email address for our email list 

during the download process. 

And then share our information in your description.

[ Music provided by: AudioInMedia.com ]

Your email information is only used by us for Audio In Media updates 

and is not shared with anyone. (We promise!)


Thank you from all of us at Audio In Media for using our music !!